Created by Assoc Prof Greg Goodman. 

The Script Skincare Program and online store creates a personalised plan of how to care for your skin in under 10 minutes! 

The team at The Dermatology Institute of Victoria believe that skin care should be individually matched to the person, taking into consideration a number of factors such as: age, gender, skin type, sensitivity levels and key skin concerns such as wrinkles, pigmentation or sun prevention. For this reason Assoc Prof Greg Goodman developed the Script Skincare Program to guide his many patients who expressed genuine confusion regarding their skin and which of the thousands of skin care products available on the market they should be using to improve it. 

Script is a free online questionnaire that uses decades of research to assist you to diagnose:

  1. Your skin type

  2. Help you learn and indentify your key skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne & wrinkles

  3. Recommends a unique unbiased personalised skin care plan from an extensive list of reputable and efficacious cosmeceuticals

  4. The convenient option of online purchase and delivery

Need help?

Script offer free skincare consultations with their trained team utilising the Script Skincare Program.

Call the clinic 1300 108 109 or visit their website to learn more