Venus Viva 

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What venus viva treats.

How does the procedure work? 

A safe skin rejuvenation method that utilises NanoFractional Radio Frequency technology, offering patients two different treatment options. The first has more discomfort and downtime but provides quicker results, whilst the other is virtually pain free with no downtime but results take longer to become apparent. Radiofrequency works by precisely heating the dermis which creates an injury in the skin. The body’s healing response is to create more collagen, and can therefore be used to treat acne and other types of scarring, pores and wrinkles, to induce skin tightening on the face and body (including neck, abdomen, buttocks and arms), and provide general rejuvenation.

What will the patient experience during the procedure? 

A local anaesthetic cream may be applied prior to the procedure, though this is not always required. Occasionally oral or other analgesia will also be used. It is normal to feel mild discomfort during the procedure. The energy settings are customised and treatment is designed specifically to the patient’s skin and condition. The practitioner will move the handpiece across the treatment area in either a circular or stamping pattern. At the completion of the treatment a growth factor and soothing gel is applied to the skin.

What can the patient expect after the procedure? 

Immediately following the procedure it is normal to experience a feeling similar to mild sunburn that may include redness and skin dryness which may last one to two hours.

The div team demonstrates the Venus Viva procedure

In this video the Venus Viva treatment is demonstrated by the team at The Dermatology Institute of Victoria. This procedure is having great results in the treatment of acne scarring, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It also tightens and contours the skin. 

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