Kleresca journey the halfway point

This week we catch up with Sharon to find out how the Kleresca journey is going for her. If you haven't read part 1 click here to catch up on it: 


Tell us where in the Kleresca journey you are?

'I'm exactly half way through, I've had 6 kleresca treatments, and I have 6 more to go,' explains Sharon.  


'The treatment is extremely comfortable, there is no pain involved so the hardest part about it is finding the time twice a week to have it done. You can't have the treatment 2 days in a row so it can be a bit difficult to find a time that suits both me and the practitioner with the correct space in between. I would recommend booking all your appointments in advance because the practitioners lists fill up really quickly.' 

How is your skin?

' I feel like my skin is already clearing up. The acne I had has started to resolve and no new pimples are popping up. I really hope that this continues because it would be fantastic to get to the end of the Kleresca journey and have clear skin.'   

Have you noticed anything unusual with your skin?

'During my consultation it was explained to me that Kleresca could make my skin temporarily go brown and any freckles I have might become more obvious. I've got really fair skin so it is unusual for me to go brown but I have noticed some darker areas on my cheeks.' 

Tara Coetzer nurse at the Dermatology Institute of Victoria explains that, 'During the clinical trials conducted on Kleresca a couple of issues occurred in a small number of people ( 5-7%). Some experienced a slight discolouration of their hair if the gel was applied over the area e.g. the eyebrows, or redness or pigmentation of the skin, in all cases involved in the trial these side effects were temporary and resolved without further medical intervention.'

'We are finding that with our darker skinned patients they look more tanned immediately after treatment, explains Tara. 'This tends to go down over the days in between but does come back at the next treatment. Like in the clinical trial we expect to find that when all treatments are completed that this will resolve naturally. Those with freckles are also finding that they are getting darker immediately after treatment, so those considering Kleresca need to be aware of their skin type and come in for a consultation so that we can assess your skin and talk to you about what to expect. The lamp is a multiwavelength LED light so contains no UV.' 

In another few weeks we will check in with Sharon again to see how her skin is going as the Kleresca treatments end. 

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