There’s a lot to be said for genetics when it comes to our skin. We are all endowed with basic structural and surface conditions that mean healthy virgin skin from birth. However, over time environmental stressors, diet and simple aging cause our skin to deplete and, while we’ve all heard the adage “to age gracefully” the measure of this saying is vastly different for each of us. One woman’s “graceful” may leave her friend secretly wondering why she doesn’t take more stock in her skincare, whilst another still may relish in the all the wonders of the hundreds of lotions and potions and treatments available these days. 

So what are some of the dermatologically recommended options available? When is the right time to start paying attention to your skin and giving it a little helping hand? We’ve sat down with some of our specialist dermatologists to bring you a definitive guide to Skincare By Age, suggesting a product and a treatment for each milestone decade of life. Because let’s face it, even filter loving millennials need to step out from behind the digital rays from time to time and take stock.

Your 20's - 30's

Preventative Product: Physical SPF Blocker

In Australia, we are blessed with a relatively temperate climate that means we spend a huge portion of our lives outside. We all know of the dangers of the suns harmful UV rays, however, today’s urban environments are also loaded with harmful nanoparticles that penetrate our skin and contribute to signs of premature aging. Introducing a physical SPF blocker to your daily beauty regime not only combats the suns damaging effects but also provides a much needed combative barrier against some of these physiological stressors. 

We Suggest: Bespoke Complete Daily Armour

Bespoke Complete Daily Armour FINAL.jpg

Treatment Suggestion: Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are renown for their ability to improve aesthetics by restoring the volume of the skin through the administration of small amounts of a substance that is naturally present in the human body.  They are a safe, temporary and versatile treatment for the improvement of many different areas and skin concerns.

Lips naturally get thinner as people get older and studies have shown that this is due purely to genetics. Dermal fillers are a perfect way to restore lip plumpness in such a way as to ensure beautiful harmony with the overall volume and appearance of our skin during our 20’s and 30’s.

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Before (left) & After (right) lip dermal filler treatment at The Dermatology Institute of Victoria. Results achieved by dermatologist Dr Lee Mei Yap.

Before (left) & After (right) lip dermal filler treatment at The Dermatology Institute of Victoria. Results achieved by dermatologist Dr Lee Mei Yap.


Your 30's - 40's

Preventative Product: Active Serums

Sitting somewhere between a moisturiser and a face oil, serum is particularly good for skin as it begins to show those early signs of aging prevalent in our late 30’s and early 40’s. Made up of small molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients, serums are a perfect addition to your skincare regime (fitting in after your cleanse and before you moisturise). Different serums can target different skin concerns making them a highly concentrated and semi-bespoke solution to many common ailments. For congested, acne prone skin look for a serum containing AHA/BHA's. Dry skin responds well to serums containing vitamin B5, whilst serums flush with antioxidants can increase the effectiveness of sunscreen during the day and promote cellular repair by night.

We recommend: Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum

Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum FINAL.jpg

Treatment Suggestion: Ultraformer

As we gracefully navigate the peaks and troughs of our 30’s and nudge closer to our 40’s our natural skin volume gradually begins to decrease. Without this support, gravity has a greater impact and, coupled with the ongoing effects of damage caused by sun exposure, the elasticity of our skins quality also declines.

Ultraformer III is a revolutionary non-surgical and non-invasive skin tightening treatment that works by stimulating your body’s natural regenerative processes. It uses highly sophisticated micro-focused ultrasound energy to rejuvenate the three critical levels of your skin’s infrastructure. 

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Before (left) & After (right) Ultraformer treatment to the jawline at The Dermatology Institute of Victoria. Results achieved by Nurse Practitioner Katy Wallace RN. 

Before (left) & After (right) Ultraformer treatment to the jawline at The Dermatology Institute of Victoria. Results achieved by Nurse Practitioner Katy Wallace RN. 


Your 40's - 50's

Preventative Product: Eye Cream

Whether from all that laughing, perpetual tiredness, inevitable stress, prolonged screen use, sun exposure, or the simple ups and downs of life, our eyes bear the signs of living. As we enter into our 40’s and 50’s, fine lines become more and more apparent. Whilst a life-well-lived patina around the eyes is beautifully characterful,  a little help is never to be shunned.

The benefits of incorporating a daily eye cream into your beauty regime are plentiful. The delicate and sensitive eye area requires a considered and targeted cream that is gentler than any moisturiser that you would use on your face, yet hard working on softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, darkness and puffiness. 

We Recommend: Jan Marini Transformation Eye Cream

Jan Marini Eye Cream FINAL.jpg

Treatment Suggestion: Fraxel

Fraxel is a non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser that selects a small portion of a much larger area of concern to treat. The non-ablative element essentially means that a laser is used to stimulate tissue and force the skin to remodel itself whilst not removing damaged areas directly. This method is simple but affective allowing for significant and deep treatment to be performed on a selected site. 

Fraxel is amazing for overall rejuvenation and exhibits a specific efficacy on fine lines and age spots. 

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Before (left) and After (right) Fraxel Dual Treatment at The Dermatology Institute of Victoria. Results achieved by Procedural Nurse Tara Coetzer RN.

Before (left) and After (right) Fraxel Dual Treatment at The Dermatology Institute of Victoria. Results achieved by Procedural Nurse Tara Coetzer RN.


50's - 60's

Preventative Product: Night Cream

Much of our body’s ability to replenish occurs while we are sleeping, when our energy reserves are turned entirely to restorative action. For this reason, enhancing skin recovery can be achieved through the diligent use of a dermatologically proven night cream. There are a huge number of night creams out there on the market so it is essential that, when making your selection, you seek out ones that contain a high concentration of DNA stabilisers, antioxidants and nourishing hydrators. These key ingredients will work hard to enhance recovery from the day’s environmental insults that are conducive to premature aging.

We recommend:  Bespoke Complete Night Shield

Bespoke Complete Night Shield FINAL.jpg

Treatment Suggestion: Tribella (Venus Versa)

Once we start to edge towards our 60’s, the “aging gracefully” adage starts to ring true. There is an element of aging that elicits evidence of a life well lived and this, balanced with a desire to look and feel our absolute best is where treatments such as Tribella hit the mark. 

Tribella combines the power of three unique non-surgical procedures into one complete skin renewal treatment — resulting in incredibly smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin.

Tribella combines photofacial, lifting & sculpting, and skin resurfacing treatments in one session. Anchored by the skins innate ability to renew, Tribella treatments produce fewer wrinkles, tighter skin surfaces, and naturally beautiful results.

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Image courtesy of Venus Versa.

Image courtesy of Venus Versa.


When it comes to skincare everyone is immeasurably different. At the Dermatology Institute of Victoria, we work closely with Script Skincare who create bespoke skincare solutions tailored to the individual. Via a thorough skin analysis, Script provides expert independent advice and provide active products that support and enhance individual skin requirements. 

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