Supporting burn victims and their families, in the treatment of their injuries and rehabilitation.

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You have probably seen them on Australia's popular reality series Real Housewives of Melbourne, but do you really know their story?

Meet Jake and Janet, they been through it all together. On a night that should have been filled with laughter and celebration Jake was involved in a horrifying accident. “I was at a 21st birthday party in Deniliquin. Someone was playing with petrol around a campfire, I wasn’t really watching,” he says. “He started pouring it on the campfire. The fire went up towards the kettle of petrol, so he threw it, and I was on the other side. I was covered in two litres of burning petrol.” Jake had suffered burns to 69% of his body. For 2 ½ weeks after the accident he was in an induced coma and describes the experience as “living a nightmare.” Years on from Jake’s accident Janet was diagnosed with PTSD.

Instead of asking 'why me' both Jake and Janet they turned their personal adversity into hope and support for other burn patients.

The Roach Foundation is dedicated to providing assistance to patients and their families, in the treatment of their injuries and in their rehabilitation. The assistance may be by way of direct financial support or provided via a network of service providers, who specialise in the field of treating those who have suffered a burn trauma.



Treatments vary on a case by case basis but typically, most patients will require frequent fractionated radiofrequency treatments, to reduce the redness of scarring combined with ongoing injections, which help to reduce the thickness of scar tissue.  These treatments are often very expensive and may not be accessible to victims without the financial support of the Roach Foundation.




To help make a difference to patients in need visit and check out their huge range of essential blends,  with the proceeds of each sale going to The Roach Foundation, or alternatively, you can donate to the foundation directly.






The Roach Foundation are currently looking to sponsor 5 more individuals. For information contact

We are so grateful Jake and Janet chose us to play a small role in the rehabilitation process for some amazing individuals.