Mini Liposuction

*All results shown on our website have been achieved by our team members. Please note that results are individual and may vary.

What Mini liposuction treats

This procedure is for small pockets of unwanted fat in areas such as:

  • Double chin

  • Jowls

  • The neck

How does the procedure work? 

At the Dermatology institute of Victoria we offer mini liposuction only, as well as limited harvesting of other sites for fat transfer techniques. If your are interested in more extensive body liposuction please book an appointment with The Dermatology Institute of Victoria's plastic surgeon Mr Jeremy Richardson. 

The ideal patient for liposuction is healthy, preferably within 30% of their ideal weight with localised collections of fat that are very difficult to lose. The patient undergoing mini liposuction should be well motivated and have realistic expectations of the procedure. It is important that the skin tone is adequate to ensure that after the operation, the skin will be elastic enough to drape the new shape.

What will the patient experience during the procedure? 

We only offer this procedure to small areas so the treatment is undertaken in the clinic. The treatment area is cleansed prior to the procedure and a local anaesthetic administered. We use the tumescent method, where fluid (made up of saline solution, lignocaine and epinephrine) is injected through the incision into the treatment area using a cannula which helps to numb the area, control blood loss and facilitate fat removal. A different cannula is then passed into the fat layer and moved around in a number of directions to help loosen and break apart the fat. On the other end of the cannula, a suction device is attached to remove the broken up fat. The result is small tunnels that then collapse in, producing a smooth final result.

What can the patient expect after the procedure? 

After the procedure the patient may experience some pain, swelling and bruising. They may also be required to wear a compression garment for around two weeks. This tight-fitting garment helps hold the tissues together, reduces swelling by preventing fluid building up and helps the skin to conform to the new shape. Most people feel they can return to normal activity in approximately one to two weeks.

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