The Dermatology Institute of Victoria accepts referrals for all skin conditions across all age groups. We have over 50 state of the art cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments available. Led by Associate Professor Greg Goodman, our mission is to provide exceptional experience and results from clinical experts in a professional environment.

Our dermatologists have a broad range of experience covering vast aspects of medical and cosmetic dermatology including:

*We have some of Victoria’s only Dermatologists accredited to supply anti sweating injections to eligible patients through the PBS, making a Medicare rebate possible.

** We have surgical facilities available in the clinic that allow our doctors to perform many types of skin cancer detection and removal techniques including Mohs micrographic surgery. To learn more about Mohs click here.

*** An important member of our Mohs team is plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Jeremy Richardson. In addition to the skin cancer surgery he performs at DIV Mr Richardson specialises in aesthetic (cosmetic) and reconstructive plastic surgery of the: face (including eyes, ears and nose), skin, body and breast. A quick referral guide for Mr Richardson can be viewed by clicking here. 

How to request an urgent appointment

Please call (03) 9826 4966 if you require an immediate response, alternatively you can use the appointment request form below to submit a query however it may take up to 24 hours to receive a reply. N.B A signed referral is also required in addition to the request form for medicare purposes. You can download an easy to fill out referral form by clicking here. 

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