Our exclusive visit to Coolsculpting University, California

N.B. The Dermatology Institute of Victoria is no longer offering Coolsculpting. To view our other fat reduction treatments please click here

Only a handful of Australian procedural nurses or doctors have ever been chosen to attend the CoolSculpting University in California, so when the invitation came Kristin Campbell and Melissa Daniell were ecstatic to experience the exclusive opportunity to visit the home of one of our most popular treatments. 

Kristin and Melissa in class 

Kristin and Melissa in class 

Melissa explains:

"We already knew that Coolsculpting was a scientifically-proven way to rid the body of unwanted pockets of fat, and our clinic’s results have proved its merit, however I was overwhelmed by the amount of research that has gone into the ‘cryolipolysis technology’ (fat freezing technology) and the amount of research that continues at Coolsculpting University. We learnt about a new handpiece that is still in research, designed specifically for treating the area under the chin and neck, and we discovered Coolsculpting’s medical uses including as a pain reduction technique. 

Kristin says:

“It was great to meet other dermatologists, plastic surgeons and nurses from all over the world to discuss how our clinic’s work and gain ideas on how to improve our processes. A highlight was the access we had to the CoolSculpting leadership team, who took our class out to dinner. I got to ask Senior Vice President and CFO Patrick Williams lots of questions about the technology and its history which gave me even better insight into this ground-breaking procedure." 
The graduating class 

The graduating class 

The girls also spent time with a friend and colleague of Assoc. Prof Greg Goodman, renowned Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon Dr Mitch Goldman at his coveted clinic, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, in San Diego.

Dr Goldman shares DIVs education philosophy and Kristin was impressed with the amount of research they conduct.

“A highlight for me was spending time with Dr Douglas Wu, a dermatology fellow who is currently performing a number of research studies to analyse the results of treatments performed at the clinic. This experience gave me ideas and methodology insights, and now we can’t wait to get started on our own research” said Kristin.
Melissa and Kristin with the research team at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology 

Melissa and Kristin with the research team at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology 

“We were also lucky enough to catch up with the American national SkinMedica training rep for an educational session on their active cosmeceutical products, which we sell at DIV”, said Melissa.

No trip is complete without some time to explore.

“Discovering Sonoma’s wineries, walking the Golden Gate Bridge and going to the Muir Woods National Monument, a beautiful redwood forest near the Pacific Coast, was lots of fun,” said Kristin. 

The Dermatology Institute of Victoria is one of the only clinics in Victoria with two procedural nurses having graduated from CoolSculpting University, and Kristin and Melissa have presented to our team with an update on CoolSculpting techniques, research and results.

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