Brow Mapping

How brow mapping can help you rediscover your brows

Gone are the days of the pencil thin, pointy arch eyebrows we loved in the 90s. Groomed, bigger brows have been growing in popularity because of their ability to frame the eyes and add structure to the face. 

DIVS eyebrow queen Alani Fowler tells us what you need to know about brow mapping:

"Ideally your eyebrows should begin in line with the corner of your nostril. If you’ve never plucked your eyebrow, it should end wherever it stops growing naturally. We can work it out by angling a line from the corner of your nostril, pass it through the eye’s outer edge and where the line finishes, so too should your eyebrow. We hear it so often from our clients; they plucked and plucked their eyebrows into a thin line in their teens and 20s - fashionable at the time - and gradually, their eyebrows refused to grow back."


The Dermatology Institute of Victoria’s Dermatologist Assoc. Prof Greg Goodman explains why this happens: 

“Over tweezing eyebrows can cause long term hair loss as it’s possible to damage the hair follicles. So eventually, the brows may not grow back at all.” 

Alani says:

"For this reason, I advise almost all patients to stop tweezing immediately and enter what we call “eyebrow rehab”. Sections can take up to one year to grow back, so be patient. It’s so easy to have a tweezer mishap and many of you would know from experience that just one wrong pluck can create an imbalance. If you do make a mistake, just pencil it in until it grows back, do not try to even it up by tweezing the other eyebrow. Put the tweezers down and step away from the mirror."

What to expect from brow mapping?

"When a client comes in, we map their brows according to their facial shape and facial features, and wax and tweeze their eyebrows into shape. The treatment includes tinting, which is my favourite part because it helps craft the ideal shape and create the illusion of a fuller brow. A custom-blended colour is created for each customer, allowing fair hairs to be coloured in, which fills in sparse areas and constructs a fuller looking eyebrow. The tint is made from a vegetable dye that is designed to be safe for use in the eye area.  I have clients who see me as a once off to get them on the right track, and clients who visit me every few weeks. Regardless, great brows are incredibly flattering, and worth the time and effort."


*All results shown on our website have been achieved by our team members. Please note that results are individual and may vary.

Complete your look this festive season.

We get asked all the time

“what can I do that’s last minute and gives me Wow factor?”.

With the racing season in full swing and the festive season just around the corner, beautifully shaped brows provide the high impact finishing touch to complete any look. Our specialised brow mapping takes just 30 minutes, so a last minute boost before your special occasion is just that simple.

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