How Fat Dissolving Injections & Dermal Filler Can Help You Achieve The Jawline You Have Always Wanted

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Before treatment with aesthetic nurse Mike Clague

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After treatment with aesthetic nurse Mike Clague

Sub mental fat, otherwise known as a ‘double chin’, is a collection of fat that can make people look older or heavier, and is a real ‘problem area’ for many. A ‘double chin’ can occur at any age and is not exclusive to those who are overweight.

Since its introduction into Australia, fat dissolving injections have gained significant traction as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, helping patients achieve a defined jawline and neck with minimal downtime.

We interviewed Mike Clague Aesthetic Nurse BSC on how he achieved the above result for a patient.

What are fat dissolving injections?

Mike: Fat dissolving injections are FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the area under the chin to improve your profile. Fat dissolving injections contain a synthetic version of a naturally occurring agent that occurs normally in the body to dissolve fat in your diet. When injected under the chin, it works by bursting the fat cells like a balloon. The fat released by the fat cells is then removed by the body’s repair system. The fat dissolving treatment is permanent. There is some swelling with this treatment and you may need a few treatments for best results.

We teach other practitioners to use this agent through our training academy, Facecoach. 

Does the double chin tighten with a fat dissolver?

Mike: This product forms mild scar tissue after the fat has dissolved thus producing collagen and firms up the area.  I love how it tightens the skin.

Did the patient have any other treatments?

Mike: Yes, we find that for real wow-factor, fat dissolving combined with lower face filler creates an outstanding result. I have filled her cheeks and under her eyes with dermal filler.  In the lower face I have filled her jawline, jowls, chin and lips. 

How do you inject fillers without it looking fake?

Mike: Performing injectable treatments is an art. You need a good aesthetic eye and an ability to plan out treatments to deliver outstanding results.  All of us will have our own aesthetic, our own view of what looks good.  For me, I prefer a natural aesthetic, focusing on enhancing an individuals natural features.

 How long to the fillers last?

Mike: At DIV we use premium fillers that are listed on the ARTG. Depending on the filler used these last from approximately 12 months to 2 years. It is important to choose clinics that use genuine products and remember you are entitled to do your research and ask questions around the product they have recommended for you.



Mike presenting for FaceCoach in Chicago earlier this year.

How many sessions was this result achieved in?

For this patient, a 6 month treatment plan was created.  She had a budget of around $1000 per month to achieve this result (over 6 months)

She now will just return for maintenance treatments at her convenience.



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