Spring your skin back into action

Winter is finally over and we’re ready to face the world again…but has your skin got other ideas?

Maybe you’re like us, you’ve broken out, or your pores are trying to swallow your face, or your skin is dull. What’s happened? Does the change in season actually affect our skin? Or has it always been this way and we just couldn’t see it while hiding under the doona watching The Handmaid’s Tale? Luckily we have experts at our disposal to help us work why our skin is in strife.  

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The Pimple Puzzle

"For many of us winter is actually the hardest season on our skin," explains DIV dermatologist Assoc Prof Greg Goodman. "During winter humidity is at its lowest, the lack of moisture in the air dries out our skin and can cause it to shed excessively and the dead skin cells can clog our pores increasing acne."

An example of an adult with  acne  that was treated at the Dermatology Institute of Victoria 

An example of an adult with acne that was treated at the Dermatology Institute of Victoria 

"In response to our skin drying out in winter many of us use more nourishing skincare," says Alani Fowler DIV skincare expert, "which is great as our skin needs moisture to function correctly. However, the combination of spring showers and the temperature heating up puts humidity back in the air and these richer products can become too much for the skin causing breakouts."

Sold at DIV for RRP$136.00 this product tackles both ageing AND acne.

Sold at DIV for RRP$136.00 this product tackles both ageing AND acne.

Our first response to a mild seasonal breakout might be to treat our skin topically by introducing an acne specific skincare product. Our team loves Jan Marini’s Age Intervention Duality. This great product is designed specifically for adult acne with its ingredients tackling two major skin concerns – skin ageing AND acne.    

To take it to the next level we recommend in-clinic light skin peels. At the Dermatology Institute of Victoria, we have a variety of skin peels dedicated to treating many skin conditions. A newbie to our collection is our mask peel which is great for any adult that is experiencing a mild breakout.

The mask peel combines salicylic and glycolic acids, which are proven anti-acne ingredients. Salicylic acid is oil soluble so burrows down into the pores and clears the debris that are a cause of acne breakouts.  This peel also purifies the epidermis, tightens pores and brightens a dull complexion. 

The pore project 

Enlarged pores are often associated with acne and when they become blocked they can also become more visible. Pores are also responsible for bringing oil to the skin surface, so when you combine increased oil production with humidity, our pores become more obvious (see above). 

Introducing our new Carbon Laser Facial. This awesome new treatment is perfect for those with enlarged pores. 

We ask Tara Coetzer (RN) how it works? 

‘The black pigment in the carbon preparation burrows down into the pores making it really easy for the Pico laser to identify them. The laser then blasts the congestion and refines the pores. This laser also stimulates collagen production which improves the skin’s tone and texture. To finish the procedure, we apply a hyaluronic acid mask and place the patient under the LED lamp. HA is pure hydration so helps the skin appear more plump while the LED is anti-inflammatory and healing.
— Tara Ceotzer (RN)

The Dullness Dilemma

Sometimes our skin just looks dull, you can’t put your finger on it, there’s nothing exactly wrong, it’s just lost its glow. To spring your skin back into action we have the answer to your dullness dilemma.  

skin needling + Growth Factor

"Skin needling basically forces skin healing," explains Melissa Daniell (RN). "It creates tiny little injuries in the skin which activates collagen and elastin remodelling." 

How does this help produce luminosity in the skin?

Glowing skin is actually even light bouncing off your collagen layer. It comes from below the skin’s surface. Healthy collagen is the first important step towards bright skin.
— Assoc Prof Greg Goodman

"The growth factor serum we apply directly after treatment penetrates deeply because of the tiny channels produced by the needling," adds Melissa. "Growth factors act like little messages in the skin telling it to repair, maintain and protect the skin. A second growth factor ampoule will be given to you to use at home to ensure the best results possible."

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