Eyebrow Mapping & Shaping

*All results shown on our website have been achieved by our team members. Please note that results are individual and may vary.

What is Eyebrow mapping and shaping? 

This is a specialised eyebrow service offered by Alani Fowler at DIV to shape and enhance the eyebrows. Alani has over 15 years experience in the beauty industry and has dedicated the last 7 years to eyebrows. Alani began her brow training in San Francisco by learning the very important technique of brow mapping. She will begin your session by making an assessment of your brows and facial shape and then mapping the ideal brow accordingly. A combination of waxing/tweezing/tinting is performed to create your ideal shape. It should be noted that to achieve your best brow, more than 1 treatment may be required. The number of sessions required may depend on your brow history, as it can take between 0-12 months to grow back eyebrows if they have been over tweezed /waxed in the past. 

How long will an eyebrow session take? 

Each session takes approximately 30 minutes.

What can the patient expect after the treatment? 

The treated area may become slightly pink or red but this should subside within a couple of hours. Mineral makeup can be applied immediately after treatment. The tint used is a vegetable dye and is designed and is safe for use in the eye area.

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